The full-service travel management arm of Explore Holdings focuses on inbound tourism, offering travel experiences to the discerning travelers around the world.

Since the beginning, Explore Vacations has been enjoying a dynamic growth every year in terms of arriving tourists, revenue and market share.

The team behind Explore Vacations loves Sri Lanka the people, the culture, wildlife, landscape and other natural worlds donned in the beautiful paradise. In fact, we are empowered to share its magic with the rest of the world. 

The years of experience coupled with expert travel consultants, who are destination specialists, offer a unique supply of travel targeted to travelers of all kinds- families, individuals, groups, couples, and many more. Further, the team extends its services to an on-site travel agent to every curated itinerary. 

We believe the years of experience, our size, and scale of the organization set off to afford the ability to negotiate competitive rates with our travel partners, offering a breadth of choice and travel deals to our travelers. The never-ending value-added services from our partners ensure high standards and quality throughout the traveler’s journey.  

Our Philosophy...


A symbol of prosperity. the conch shell depicted as the sun and its rays in our identity is a powerful representation of our conglomerate. It epitomizes our ethos; the essence of who we are and how we journey forward, brightening lives - every day. 

Our Story...


From the beginning of our journey in 2004, we have steadily built a conglomerate based on responsible entrepreneurship and strong family values that fosters long term human relationship throughout the years, we have contributed towards growth and sustainability, the development of tourism in Sri Lanka has been our common goal.   

Our Passion...


We aspire to be the most admired conglomerate in Sri Lanka by growing our enterprise to be the industry leader. 

Our Values...



Continuous improvement through change   


Never give up


The foundation upon which we grow  


Accountable to all stakeholders  

Our Leadership...

The keepers our flame, our leadership comprises a highly experienced and well-diversified team of directors who guide the group onwards to be one of Sri Lankan’s most respected corporates.  

Mr. Shermal Perera - Chairman and C.E.O

While I am incredibly proud of the business we have built to inspire and aspire. I believe travel can bring out the best in people, which is why we are revolutionizing travel in Sri Lanka. since the inception of Explore Holdings in 2004, we have served millions of people to experience this beautiful island through our major powerhouses- Explore Vacations, SR Rent a Car, Europe Car, The 9 trees Boutique Villas and our newest service addition - Airport 

My team behind Explore Holdings represents a world of rich and varied expertise, and we have recognized that there still more to be done so that anyone from all over the world can experience the island of Ceylon for generations to come. Our team works around the clock, empowering people to travel freely with our team of travel consultants and experts across a diverse culture and multi-ethnicity.  

We are proudly to say one of our greatest pillars of success, our travel partners, both inland and across the borders. Building a strong relationship as always taken prominence driving margins. 

Explore Holdings is one of the handful of organizations in Sri Lanka, who takes pride to offer an end to end service, from the moment you step into Sri Lanka to the time you say goodbye. Tailor-made to suit your taste, budget, and comfort, our services are cut above the rest, ensuring a quality experience at all times. 

This profile is a snapshot of our proudest achievements throughout the years since the beginning with one company to driving five single-handedly led companies. Our experience in the industry is unmatched, for we have served a diverse clientele to experience the best of everything the paradise has to offer pristine beaches, rich biodiversity, the hospitable people, the melting pot of culture, the unique gastronomy and more.

I assure Explore Holdings is a professional organization that maintains a high level of integrity, where my team and I promise to offer an unforgettable yet unique experience in Sri Lanka.


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